Ultrasonic Cleaning

Over time, filter cartridges can become clogged due to the accumulation of fine particles in the filter pores - whether it be dust, dirt, oil, rust or any number of other contaminants.  Ultrasonic cleaning uses sound waves in water that create tiny bubbles that explode when they reach high pressure - it is these tiny bubbles that loosen and dislodge the contaminant from the filter.  Ultrasonic cleaning is a highly effective method of cleaning powerful enough to clean the dirties of filters.

Dirty Filter Element in bathBenefits of ultrasonic cleaning:

      •    Can be used for stainless steel, ceramic and metal filters.
      •    It provides a consistent and thorough clean without damaging the filters.
      •    Employees are safe from using harsh or harmful chemicals to clean.
      •    Environmentally friendly process.
      •    Saves you time and money.

DS Filtration offers a method of ultrasonic cleaning for clogged or dirty porous filter elements to regain filter performance. Increasing the life of the filter and saving you money! 

Download our Ultrasonic Cleaning brochure here.

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 Below is a series of images that shows the some of the stages of a DSF ultrasonic clean: 
Dirty Filter Element sm                 Dirty Filter Element cleaning sm              Clean Filter Element sm

Beginning with a dirty clogged filter element                      Then submerged in the bath for cleaning                        Finally resulting in a clean filter element


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