Dryers are used where moisture is affecting machinery, products and/or systems by drying the compressed air to stop corrosion, blockages or contamination.

DS Filtration has 2 types of efficient air compressor dryers:

  • Refrigerant Dryers that are energy efficient and have a low pressure drop.  In refrigerant dryers the warm compressed air enters the air/air heat exchanger where it is pre-cooled by the outgoing air.  The pre-cooled air then passes through the evaporator where it is cooled to the required temperature.  The condensate which is separated from the compressed air in the demister is discharged automatically by the condensate drain.  In best practice the refrigerated dryer is installed after the pre-filter and receiver.

  • Adsorption Driers are used when to you need to provide dew points to -40oC or lower.   Maximum efficiency and the highest operational safety, coupled with low operational costs are attributes that convey the advantages of the Adsorption Dryer.  In adsorption dryers the compressed air enters one of two vessels filled with desiccant, the desiccant draws the moisture out of the air and stores it, in the second vessel the desiccant is being purged so it can be used again (regenerated). The tanks change is automatic and usually occurs when the drying tank reaches its capacity.

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